Private classes with Michael Nadtochi & Elvira Lambo

With Michael & Elvira together: 130€/hour
With Michael or Elvira only: 90€/hour
For booking your class:



15h00-16h00: Class with Natalia Castillo - Technique for followers, "Ornaments, how and when to make them without altering the hug and leader's mark" with 

15h00 - 16h00: Class "Musicality of Tango" with Santango

All the most important elements of musical structure, steps and theoretical and practical concepts. The rhythmic tempos (half time, single time, double time, counter time, etc.). 
Practice includes: Performance of the syncopation on the first musical beat


11h00-12h00: Class "Spacial Milonga" with Michael Nadtochi and Elvira Lambo

14h45-15h45: Class "Zapateo" (chacarera) with Marcelo Martin.
Basic level class, oriented to men and women who want to learn how to use the main basic zapateos within the chacareras.


11h00-12h00: Class with Michael Nadtochi and Elvira Lambo, "Technique for leaders & followers" 

14h30-15h30: Class with Michael Nadtochi and Elvira Lambo, "(INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED) - Giro and giro related figures in Vals."


11h00-12h00: Class with Marú, "Chacarera" 

14h30-15h30: Class with Michael Nadtochi and Elvira Lambo, "(ADVANCED) ENTRADAS vs SACADAS for leaders and follower. Controlling the speed of the movement. Reversible movement."