Point of Sale
If you don't have a PASS milongas

For those who do not have a PASS milongas: tickets for the single milongas and the show "Este tango habla por mí" will be sold at a central point of sale, on site.

Venue: to be confirmed
Opening hours: to be confirmed
(no credit cards)


Open-air midday milongas


Afternoon Milongas

10 €

Welcome Milonga on Tuesday

16 €

Night Milongas on Wednesday

For both milongas

20 €

Night Milongas on Thursday

For both milongas

20 €

Gala Milonga on Friday

Orquesta Cadenero Tango live

25 €

Gala Milonga on Saturday

Show by Lucas Paez & Laia Barrera

25 €

Farewell Milonga on Sunday

(Tango contest included - as a spectator)

22 €


Show "Este tango habla por mí"

18 €

Classes with Lucas & Laia

(per class and per person)

20 €

Other Classes

(per class and per person)

15 €


Free (reserved to the PASS)