Alejandro Di Rosa -  Filetes


Atelier Mies - Michelle Span

Atelier Mies is located in Chiclana de la Frontera and was born as a result of Michelle's passion for all things artistic, delving deeper into the wonderful world of fan making by designing and building a fan from scratch. Michelle has a degree in this field from the Escuela de Bellas Artes de Cádiz, she teaches fan making. 
www.webwaaierwinkeltje.com  - https://atelier-mies.weebly.com 
Facebook: Atelier Mies - Instagram: ateliermies20

Jimena Fernanda Julián

M & J - Tango Shoes

Paso de Fuego - Tango Shoes

Felino Tanguero - Tango Clothes



Marú - Macrame

Yasí (Arte Sana) arises as a need for expression, to create beautiful things with my hands. I learned to weave macrame years ago, and for me each knot means a person. Many people on my way, starting with my mother, have been generous and have taught me something, mainly on trips, at fairs. And so I also pass on what I learn, so that the cycle continues. Macrame is simply knitting with knots, without needles. For some time now I have been selling my creations to embellish my home, and I do workshops in Barcelona.

Juan Ignacio Arias

Cuentos de milonga y madrugadas: short stories, tales, poems and experiences written with a lot of humor and poetry about tango dancing, its protagonists and characters.