Tango Competition

Tango pista - For Amateurs

This Contest is exclusively for people who participate in Alcoy en Tango and buy a PASSThis is not an official contest, but rather a pleasant moment to share together, without stress. 

Price of registration
25€ per couple
Salón Largo del Círculo Industrial de Alcoy
Date and time:
Sunday 12th June 2022 between 4:30pm and 5:30pm
(before the farewell milonga)
First Prize
2x "PASS 5 days" for the 2023 edition of the festival Alcoy en Tango
Second Prize:
2 entries to the Spa AQUATHER

*Terms & Conditions


The organization of Alcoy en Tango announces the Tango Competition for Amateurs, which will take place on Sunday, June 12th, 2022, from 4:30pm to 5:30pm in the Salón Largo of the Circulo Industrial Alcoy, Spain, according to the present rules and conditions.
The Tango Contest is held exclusively in the category "Tango Pista" and aimed at the participation of amateurs only. Professionals are not allowed to participate.


The registration for the Argentine Tango Competition for amateurs must be done on the website in the Competition form and has a cost of 25 euros per couple.
https:// www.alcoyentango.com/competition.


The Tango Pista couples will compete in group and dance two songs, recorded, chosen by the Organization.
The Argentine Tango Competition for Amateurs 2021 will take place in 2 stages: Qualification & Final.
The winners will dance a song of their choice after the Competition. They will be filmed.


All the accredited couples will participate, performing a round of 2 tangos each. They will be evaluated by the jury to obtain the score; the 2 couples that have obtained the highest scores will go to the final.


The 2 couples selected in the Qualification will participate. In this instance each couple will perform a round of 1 tango and 1 Waltz each. The order of presentation of the couples in the Final will be established by the Organization.


The Jury of the Argentine Tango Competition for Amateurs will be appointed by the Organization of Alcoy en Tango with the advice of distinguished figures of the dance.
The Jury of the rounds will be composed of a minimum of (3) three members (the organization reserves the possibility of increasing the number of the Jury).
All the decisions of the Jury will be final and of a single instance.
The participants, by the mere fact of registering, accept this condition.


Tango Pista is a social dance, where the most important thing is improvisation, abrazo and connection between the couple.
Circulation: as on the dance floor, the competitors will have to move constantly in a counter-clockwise direction, without going backwards.
The couple must respect their own space and that of the other competitors so as not to interfere with the harmony in the circulation.
All movements and figures must be performed in such a way that they do not harm the surrounding couples.
All the figures that are commonly used in "social" tango are allowed: barridas, sacadas al piso, enrosques, lapiz, ganchos, boleos, etc., but always in their own space and without invading or disturbing the space of the surrounding couples.
Aerial figures, figures typical of stage tango and movements typical of other dances are completely excluded.
The Jury will take into account: the personal interpretation of each couple, the musicality and elegance of the walk and the connection of the couple.


In the Argentine Tango Competition for amateurs there will be one winning couple.
The first prize will be: 2 "PASS 5 days" for the 2022 edition of the Alcoy en Tango festival.
The winning couple will received its prize during the Farewell Milonga of the Festival.
The second prize will be: 2 entries to the Spa AQUAHTER