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Este tango habla por mí

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Analía Bueti - Creator and art director
Mariano Siccardi - Music Direction

Analía Bueti - Singer
Mariano Siccardi - Pianist
Emiliano Pérez - Violinist
Orlando Dibelo 
- bandoneon

Choreography and dancers:
Débora GODOY & Carlos GUEVARA
Malena More & Jose García Arte
Berretin de Buenos Aires


Tango musical show where they talk about the song, music and dance of the Buenos Aires suburb.
TANGO has its own language and speaks through the music and poetry of great composers who over time left us the spell of their feelings so that we can make it our own or live it from our emotions.

ESTE TANGO HABLA POR MI, travels in a carefully selected repertoire, works from Gardel to Piazzolla, where the complicity between singer, musicians and dancers is present to provide the emotion of each tango, and achieve with the listener that conversation as only the art of this musical genre can generate.

The genuine TANGO from the hand of Argentine artists of recognized trajectory in the scene of the International Tango.