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Cuarteto "Cadenero Tango"

Initially, a trio founded in 2018 between the cities of Valencia and Alicante to make milongueros and tango lovers dance. With its own arrangements inspired by the great classical dance orchestras, Cadenero Tango has its own personal style based on swing, rhythm and nuances. 
Their album A BAILAR redorded in 2018 reflects the pure essence of this group. They presented themselves this year at the international festivals of Valencia and Benidorm as well as in milongas of Madrid, Rome, Naples and other Mediterranean cities. They have been called to close the XII International Tango Festival of Mallorca in October 2019.
Led by maestro Orlando Dibelo {ex bandoneonist of the José Basso Orchestra} Cadenero's formation is completed by experienced musicians from the Rio de la Plata with a great trajectory in the world of Tango, the pianist from Mar del Plata Mariano Siccardi, the violin of the Uruguayan Emiliano Pérez and, recently, the bassist Pablo Fojo.


Mariano Siccardi

Tango pianist-vocalist, composer and arranger

Karina De Maio

Canciones para reencontrarse 

It is a concert that proposes to connect us with our inner voice, our fears, insecurities and also with our treasures.
It delineates a journey through the most emotional, nostalgic and loving stories that authors and composers such as Piazzolla, Portillo de la Luz, Gardel, Los hermanos Exposito, among others, who left their soul and roots in each song, each poem and each note, have traced in their musical writings. The artist also includes songs of her own authorship.