The maestros

Lucas Paez & Laia Barrera

Lucas Paez

Dancer, teacher and choreographer of salon and stage tango. He trained with great figures of tango such as: Juan Carlos Copes - Mingo and Esther Pugliese - Jorge Raul Bravo - Osvaldo Zotto and Lorena Ermocida - Roberto Herrera - Gabriel Angio and Natalia Games - Olga Besio - Omar Vega - Roberto Reis - Milena Plebs - Carlos Perez - Mario Morales, El Flaco Dany, Omar Vega, Nito and Elba, Orlando Paiva, among others.
He danced on different stages and dance floors around the world, here is a list of some examples: "El Viejo Almacen" - Tango show dinner. "Taconeando" - La vereda de Beba - Dinner Tango Show. "Esquina Homero Manzi" - Dinner tango show. "MSC Cuises" - MSC Sinfonia - "Guest Artist" Genova - Buenos Aires. "Semino Rossi" - for the Singer Semino Rossi (Singer) Germany - Switzerland He has toured internationally with companies, has given seminars, classes and exhibitions in different countries of Europe, Asia and America.
Dancer of the outstanding Rojo Tango Show at Hotel Faena Buenos Aires.

Laia Barrera

Dancer, teacher and choreographer trained in different styles of dance, from contemporary dance, classical, flamenco, jazz, urban dances, fully dedicated to tango today.
She combined her artistic career between Barcelona and Buenos Aires, alternating her training in the performing arts with teachers and dancers who are prominent in the world of tango, such as Alejandra Gutty, Guillermina Quiroga, Carlos and Rosa Pérez, Rubén Véliz, Natalia and Gabriel Angio, Verónica Salmerón, Fernando Gracia and Sol Cerquides, Martín Ojeda, Fernando Galera, Silvina Valz, ... among others.
In Buenos Aires she worked in the show of Café Tortoni and in choreographic groups, he participated in several competitions such as the Metropolitan Championship of the city of Buenos Aires, the World Tango Championship, Cuyano Tango Championship, among others.
She has toured internationally teaching and dancing tango in milongas, festivals, Tango Weekends, tango schools in various places such as Romania, France, Germany, Scotland, Holland, Portugal, Serbia, Bosnia Turkey, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Lithuania, Italy, Spain, Montenegro, Estonia, Greece, Brazil and in the interior of Argentina.

Alejandro Jaime

ALEJANDRO JAIME is a dancer, teacher, classical musician, composer and DJ from Buenos Aires, specialized in contemporary music composition and improvisation. He studied in the most important conservatories of his country and performed in many international and national festivals.
His teaching method is influenced by biomechanical techniques such as the Fedora Aberastury Method and the Alexander Technique. He has a deep knowledge of body awareness and movement thanks to his elite training in Martial Arts.
He has applied his knowledge of music and biomechanics to train actors, contemporary dancers and, more recently, finalists of the World Tango Championship from different countries in Asia and Europe, with very successful results.
He has more than 20 years of experience in teaching and has given conferences, seminars and workshops in more than 25 cities in Argentina, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Indonesia and Russia, among others.
He is now established in Barcelona and travels abroad every month.

Natalia Castillo

Natalia Inés Castillo, 34, begins her studies artistic at age 14 (1999), training in dance folkloric. Then he decides to start with tango, dance that from 2000 to the present day it has not abandoned, being today a teacher and professional dancer. Over the years, has taken classes with many teachers of whom some were of technical reference and the most comfortable it felt. He had the privilege of taking classes with the best teachers and milongueros of Argentine tango. For complement with the stage tango, Natalia decides take courses in classical, contemporary and jazz dance. So himself taking experience and professionalism, he begins to exercise your career as a dancer; being a member of companies and ballet like Mario Morales, (along with this ballet have won a gold medal the tournaments of Buenos Aires), Mora Godoy, Carolina Bonaventura, Paola Rodolfo, Vanesa Villalba and Facundo Piñero, among others. Too a made presentations and shows in different theaters with the respective companies: "Fueye" the Troilo musical, "Che bandoneón", both in current Av, "chess living tanguero "carried out for the first time in Buenos Aires. Joining her career, Natalia has also been a dancer of the famous tango houses, the typical Buenos Aires dinner show; (South bar, Boca tango, Michelangelo, El querandi, La ideal show, among others). Graduated from the Argentine Tango Style Academy ACETA. He has worked at countless corporate events, business, TV, tourism entity of the city of Buenos Aires, in prestigious hotels and shows in the Foreign; Brazil, Uruguay, Spain. He has also made his exhibitions in Buenos Aires milongas. I accompany dancing with the Raúl Garello orchestra, the Fernández Fierro, Leopoldo Federico, Emilio Balcarce, The ideals, Beltango. He always followed the way of constant learning to fill up with more tango, studying the role of leader and different techniques. In the last 3 years he has participated in festivals and teaching in Cadiz, Malaga, Canary Islands, Vigo, Alicante, Valencia. Currently teaching private group classes and holding eventos.