für Teilnehmer

Dieser Wettbewerb richtet sich ausschließlich an Teilnehmer von "Alcoy en Tango" und einen PASS gekauft haben. Dies ist kein offizieller Wettbewerb, sondern ein spaßiger Anlass, den wir ohne Stress miteinander teilen.


25€ pro Paar


Salón Largo del Circulo Industrial de Alcoy.

Tag und Zeit:

Sonntag, 12. Juni 2022 zwischen 16:30 und 17:30 Uhr (vor der Abschiedsmilonga).

erster Gewinn:

2x 5Tage-Pass für "Alcoy en Tango festival" 2023

zweiter Gewinn:

2 Karten für das "Aquather Spa"

Terms and conditions


The organisation of Alcoy en Tango calls for the Argentine tango contest for amateurs, which will take place on Sunday 12th June 2022 from 16h30 to 17h30 in the Salón Largo of the Circulo Industrial of Alcoy, Spain in accordance with the present rules and conditions.
The Argentine Tango Competition will take place exclusively in the category : Tango de Pista aimed at the participation of amateurs only. Professionals are not allowed to participate.


Registration for the Argentine Tango Competition for amateurs must be made via the online store of Aloy en Tango, and costs 25 euros per couple.


The Jury of the Argentine Tango Competition for amateurs will be appointed by the organisation of Alcoy en Tango with the advice of distinguished figures of the dance.
All decisions of the Jury will be final and of a single instance.
Participants, by the mere fact of registering, accept this condition.


The couples of Tango de Pista will compete in group performances and will dance 2 recorded songs, chosen by the Organization.
The Argentine Tango Competition for Amateurs 2022 will be held in 2 stages: Qualifying and Final.
The winners will dance to a song of their choice after the Competition. The dance will be recorded.


All accredited couples will participate, performing a round of 2 tangos each. They will be evaluated by the jury to obtain the score; the 2 couples with the highest scores will pass to the Final.


The 2 couples selected in the Qualifying will participate. At this stage, each couple will perform a round of 1 tango and 1 waltz each.
The order of presentation of the couples in the Final will be established by the Organizator.


The Tango de Pista is understood as a social dance, where the most important thing is the improvisation, the embrace and the connection between the couple.

Circulation of the rounds:

The Track Tango category will be danced in rounds and the couples, as on the dance floor, must constantly move in a counter-clockwise direction, without moving backwards.
They may, if the movement requires it, walk one or two steps backwards, always within the space of the couple.
The couple must keep track of and respect their own space and that of the rest of the partners in the round so as not to hinder the harmonious flow of the round.
In the event that a couple in the round stops the dynamics of the flow of the ring, it is not permitted to overtake them.

Evaluation parameters:

All the figures that are popular in "social" tango may be performed, including barridas, sacadas al piso, enrosques, pencils, ganchos, boleos, etc., as well as the use of adornments, always within one's own space and without invading or hindering the space of the surrounding couples.
Jumps, figures that lose contact of both feet with the ground and any other choreographic possibility typical of Stage Tango are completely excluded.
The Jury will take into account, as a fundamental point, the personal interpretation of each couple in the different styles.
Musicality and elegance in the gait will be taken into account, but above all the connection of the couple and the search for their own personality, changing the dynamics and speed in relation to the tango that is being played while respecting the interpretation of the same.
The classic tango figures can be present in the dance: the ochos, the turns, the long walks, the boleos, the ganchos and the "abrazo milonguero".
Aerial tricks and other movements typical of other dances are not allowed.
The couple must have sequences of movements on the floor all over the stage.


In the Amateur Argentine Tango Competition there will be one winning couple.
The first prize will be : 2 "PASS 5 days" for the 2023 edition of the festival Alcoy en Tango.
The second prize will be: 2 tickets to the AQUATHER Spa.
They will be given to the winning couple at the end of the Competition at the farewell milonga of the Festival.